Danger's Pic of the week

Danger's Pic of the week
Bones and Bloody Agents taking it easy (photo by Jacqui Van Staden) CLICK ON THE PIC TO ACCESS FACEBOOK PAGE

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Get The Bones rolling.

Hi All. Von Danger Here!

So this is my blog to keep u all informed of our advertures as Ramblin' Bones & The Bloody Agents. The reason I've been put in this precious position, is for a number of reasons: I have the time, while Jebediah and Comrade Wright conquer the world in other arenas, I keep my on the events, on the frontline talent and some think I have a knack for telling good stories. Whatever that means.

But enough about that. The exciting news on the horizon is that the 2nd albumn has made it out the starting blocks and slowly progressing down the track. We've just begun learning and rehearsing all the new songs and are aiming to start recording in the beginning of December!! So watch this space and keep your eyes glued to all of our respective social network sites! Alright!? Laters all

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